The New Environment of Advertising

What are PromoPoles?

       PromoPoles is a HYBRID marketing vehicle- an innovative combination of mediums, that when joined, are efficient, effective and affordable. As the perfect hybrid marketing product, only PromoPoles offer the final opportunity to inform, to persuade or to remind a consumer just prior to entering a retail location.
       Partnering the best of eye-catching, non-traditional O.O.H. with the on-site multiple impression presence of P.O.P., PromoPoles allow brands the opportunity to integrate multiple campaigns on the same platform. 

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of PromoPoles:

  • Generate Revenue: Increase sales from Point Of Purchase campaigns.

     Clients typically see this as the number one benefit of this very unique and dynamic product.   Allow your clients to measure their ROI with text message KEYWORDS while retrieving the end users' analytics for follow up and/or future marketing campaigns.

  • Integrated Advertising Platform: First ever, combing O.O.H. with P.O.P. marketing.

     The ability to combine multiple marketing mediums is what truly sets this product apart.  PromoPoles uniquely combines traditional Out Of Home with the multiple impression presence of Point Of Purchase.  Mobile Marketing text campaigns allows client to engage and interact with their audience where decision makers are- at the Point Of Purchase.

  • Promote Brand: Increase brand awareness with this multiple impression vehicle.

     This 360 degree circular billboard stands 48” tall and attracts attention from those within sight.  Customers see PromoPoles immediately upon entering parking lot, then while driving to parking space, as they walk to their destination and then all in reverse upon exiting. Nothing in the industry demands this kind of attention!

  • Campaign Specific Ads: Change out wraps frequently and easily, as the campaigns change.

     Simply put, PromoPoles patent-pending design, customers are able to quickly and easily install the product themselves.  This makes change frequency much higher and allows customer to align PromoPoles with their current marketing campaigns.

  • Enhancement: Make the look of parking lots consistent with the buildings that surround them.

     Most franchisees have required systems in place to maintain their property in all areas except one, the light pole bases. PromoPoles can provide the finishing touch on parking lot aesthetics and lot maintenance while also uniting parking lot campaigns with in-store, local and regional promotions.