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Mobile Marketing with PromoPoles

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American Family Insurence PromoPole With Mobile Marketing

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Studies of P.O.P. marketing in supermarkets say that over 70% of BRAND decisions are made in-store.   At the point of purchase is where clients have the last chance to influence their customer’s decision. 

Over 95% of texts are opened, compared to less than 20% of email messages.

Combining direct line of sight advertising with text KEYWORDS gives clients the ability to engage and interact with their customers.  Using multiple advertising mediums gives a decided advantage over the competition.

There are hundreds of potential reasons mobile marketing may be right for your business. Each business is unique and has individualized marketing needs. Even among restaurants or retail, the strategy or reasons for starting a text campaign is slightly different.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to use mobile marketing:

  • Opt-In Marketing: Build an organic opt-in list of your best customers.

     Customers who take the extra step of texting in to be added to your list are most likely to buy from you. They are giving you permission to send them offers and are telling you they want a reason to spend.

  • Instant: Reach your customers anytime, no matter where they are.

     Let’s face it, your customers are busy. By the time they get home they are tired and not likely to read through ads or clip out coupons. With mobile marketing you can reach them on their phone before lunch or dinner and you know your message will be read.

  • Cut costs: Save money by reducing your advertising budget.

     Nothing compares in cost to mobile marketing. Combine the lowest cost per month with the immediate nature and redemption rates and you will be able to cut back on other traditional marketing methods.

  • Return on Investment: Highest ROI in marketing.

     The low cost of reaching each subscriber and high redemption rates make mobile marketing the highest ROI marketing medium available today.

  • Growth: Mobile marketing continues to grow in acceptance, participation and relevance.

     Mobile growth will continue to grow into 2011. Customer acceptance grows as well as the number of text messages being sent monthly. You must begin before your competition does and steals your customers onto their list. Imagine if you were the first business into email, Google or Facebook? If you have tried other marketing methods and they just don’t seem to be as effective anymore, it may be time to consider mobile marketing for your business.

Consumers are 25% more likely to respond to advertising, (print, billboards, bus shelters, etc) if they are able to do so via a mobile response."