The New Environment of Advertising

About Us

Gary Marshall, Founder and CEO, capitalized on an opportunity to turn an ordinary piece of real estate into an extraordinary advertising vehicle. PromoPoles is a new, innovative 360 degree billboard placed at the point of purchase. Its patent-pending design offers larger than life graphics to be placed where it’s most effective and engaging to its audience.

PromoPoles focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for distributors and their clients. With an unlimited array of campaign ideas for most any brand or advertiser, POP Dynamics assists distributors in assessing the needs of their clients.

The line of sight advertising placed around light poles in commercial parking lots, gives PromoPoles a decided advantage over its more traditional advertising competitors. There are tens of thousands of sales opportunities on light poles all across the Nation, situated in high traffic areas for maximum brand exposure.

POP Dynamics is capable of any size or type of PromoPole campaigns. From simple branding campaigns to mobile marketing to more complex shopper marketing strategies which seek to influence a consumer’s path to purchase, POP Dynamics possesses the expertise to make the distributor look good every time.