PromoPoles are fun, larger than life, hybrid marketing vehicles which combine nontraditional Out Of Home with location based Point Of Purchase advertising.  This patent pending, 360 degree circular billboard is visible from every angle, allowing the end user to engage and interact with the client.


      POP Dynamics is a growing, location-based advertising company that specializes in commercial parking lot marketing. PromoPoles were created to quickly and inexpensively enhance the visual appearance of parking lots while lowering long term maintenance costs.

      This patent-pending design, coupled with eye-popping graphics, provides the opportunity to transform current liabilities (concrete light pole bases) into promotional or revenue-generating assets.

      There are tens of thousands of light pole locations nationwide, including neighborhood grocery stores, regional shopping malls, movie theatres, automobile dealers and sports stadiums. PromoPoles assist distributors in proactively raising the awareness of their clients’ products and promotions in locations which are visited every day by millions of people.

      These locations, where customers live, work, play and shop, are prime settings to engage the customer, even in a relaxed, casual environment.


 POP Dynamics meets any distributor’s request for PromoPoles in any city and in any state in the U.S.